Twenty Amazing Tips To Write High Quality Blog POsts

Blog Posts Keywords Blog Posts Keywords


Action Tips to Take:

Make a master List of Blog Post Ideas – Always have a notebook or app to write your ideas.

Use UBERSUGGEST – a free site by Neil Patel has high quality information on domain names and content . tips that will increase your following.

Set up a spreadsheet to track all your ideas with other sites to watch and improve your own site with their ideas.

Go to Buzzsumo and put in a search term for a blog post content and title and collect information.


More Ideas –

Find other blog in your niche – seek how they use colors, font styles, topics, and follow them for inspiration.

Use Coschedule for a Headline Analyzer.

Check out Listicales for Content ideas.

Always use short easy to read sentences ( 5th grade?)

Use Headers – and sub headers

Use pictures with Alt tags

End your post with a call to action and a question.

Get your readers excited about making a comment.

Have an opt-in and/or freebie.

Link to affiliates.

Link to other posts on you blog.

Link back to yourself.

3 – 6 Pinterest pins per artile

Use SOcial Warfare Plugin

Keep in mind seo for all your Blog Posts – COntent.

Remember to be a trusted resource – what is your purpose for writing onlin

13 Plugs Ins You Must Have On Your Blog

Plug Ins for a Healthy Blog

Plug Ins You Must Have

Free Plug Ins To Speed Up Your Blog, Security and Spam + Social Sharing, Legal Requirements

Where does everyone learn all these tips for setting up a blog? Seems like there is so much information – where do you start? I have always wondered what were the best plug-ins to put on my blog without over doing it- right?

Then – you put the plug-ins on your blog + pay for them and never use them…

These Plug Ins are all free – You could upgrade on some if you feel like you need to.

Plug Ins For Speed

  1. SC Optimizer
  2. WP optimizer
  3. WP Super Cache

Plug Ins for Social Sharing

  1. Jetpack
  2. Shareaholic SEO
  3. Yoast Seo

Legal Stuff

  1. FTC Disclosure
  2. GDPR Cookie Consent

Security & Spam

  1. Wordfence Security
  2. Akistmet Anti-Spam


  1. Monster Insights
  2. Insert Headers and Footers

5 Tips For Fast Blog Content

5 Tips For Fast Blog Content

As much research as you can find about blogging these 5 tips are usually the same over and over again about the Main Tips You will need for writing content to your blog.

  1. Know your audience – What? Know who your audience is and why the heck are you writing. Put yourself in their shoes (Uggs, Birkenstock, Flipflops). Why would they read this. Why would they share this.
  2. Content – Not just any content – write stuff that sets you apart from others = you have to stand out — or just blah blah blah = boring. Start writing and the more you write the better you will become. (Believe me – procrastination will not get you started.) Type of Content: Write something that tells a story, surprises us good and/or bad, a journey, a unique point of view. Be informative – info someone would possibly not find somewhere else. Store ideas in Evernote, Ulysses, or Notes. Be Simple. Have a Great Headline.
  3. Plug Ins for sharing content such as SumoMe, Pinterest, Buffer, Hootsuite. Pinterest is #1 Social Media-Not Social Media for many blogs. Be a resource go to. By joining active FaceBook communities such as SayNoToVRBO by adding comments that people can learn from.Make sure the size on your social media is the correct size. You can resize with PicMonkey or Canva for free. Track your Social Media sites – set goals to increase them. The only way you can see if your goal is working is by having a tracking system. Add Twitter, Facebook Like, Instagram widget.
  4. Keep Your Visitors Captivated — How does it end???? Have an Opt In of Value. Keep in contact with your audience.
  5. Have Tools That Help other bloggers. Share what has helped you. Add a resource page on your blog and ad affiliate links. The areas that you are passionate about : Blogging, Hosting, Social Media, Healthy Eating, Exercise, Recipes, Making Money, Beauty, Teaching, endless ideas.

7 Top Secrets To Writing A Powerful Blog Post


Content on your blog can make all the difference being visitors or just sitting.

From what I study – the more we write the better we become at writing,

just like practicing a language or a musical instrument.

This site may contain affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchase through these links – prices are still the same.

  1. Keep your Blog simple to read, clean with no confusing ads. When I see a blog with tons of Google Ads it is a total turn off. Blogs with immediate videos with loud music are also a turn off. Make sure your contact information is on your blog. Keep sidebar uncluttered. Have simple navigation and menu items. Have one main call to action on you page.
  2. Update your blog content – go through and re-evaulate your posts possibly monthly.
  3. Talk like you are explaining something to a friend – with an easy way of talk and not full of technical jargon that most won't understand.
  4. Have a file and ad to you Media file – photos that are relevant, clean, with clear graphics. Have a photo that is beautiful and pinnable for Pinterest so you will have more exposure with re-pins.
  5. Send your articles, blog posts to social media p Post Planner, or to your social media accounts.
  6. Tell your people who read your blog what steps to take next = Call to actions…What other ideas do you have for a Great Post? What are some of your Best Posts? Where did you research to get your Blog Posts Titles? What Content Formula do you use?
  7. Say something Controversial. When was the last time you did something for the first time? What have you done that you have never done before and it worked?!

Remember we only write and share about products or items that we have personally used.

25 Content Ideas to Write on Your Blog


Blog Content Tips              25 Things To Blog About



  1. Ask your Blog Followers a Provocative Question.  Something verrrry Controversial. A question that you cannot yes or no.
  2. Interview someone that is an expert in your niche. Possibly send an email with questions to your favorite blogger.
  3. Write a Top 50 List in your field of expertise.
  4. Write a Blog Post about the common problems you are having coping with blogging.
  5. Write a great post about the best resources that have helped you and ad affiliate links.
  6. Write about an event that you just went to.
  7. Write a post about a Personal Experience that you went through and ad photos.
  8. Write about a situation on blogging that you tried and never worked.
  9. Write about an online situation that did work and how long it took.
  10. Write a blog post about a few items that you would like to review that you have personally used.
  11. Share a post how you got from Point a to Point B in your thought process.
  12. Write about something that is your favorite subject to just go on an on about.
  13. Write about something that you think is totally right or totally wrong.
  14. Write about a complex subject that people do not seem to understand.
  15. Write an easy checklist of something that you solved.
  16. Find your most popular posts and write about the top 3 or 5 and how people replied.
  17. Think of something inspirational to write about.
  18. Write a blog post for someone who has just begun blogging.
  19. Write an evergreen post of something you wrote about in the past.
  20. Write a post that goes long and has to be followed on different posts to find the end of the story.
  21. Analyze some other blogs and write about good and help they need on their site and your suggestions.
  22. Write a blog post just asking questions.
  23. Write how to make an infographic.
  24. Write a post of what you would have done differently.
  25. Post how to change font style.

25.Write a post how to link sites.


What would you like to have a blog post written about?


11 Ways to Write Better Content for Your Blog

11 Content Tips for More Blog Content


  1. Include Photos or Videos.  Include different types of Multimedia, slideshows, or interesting items into posts.
  2. Follow other Blogs and get ideas from them. Copyblogger,BlogBossBabe , Billionaire Blog Club, and more.
  3. Keep the Page clean by writing in Short 2 sentence Paragraphs. Keep open spaces between paragraphs.
  4. Truth is More Interesting than Fiction – Life situations are such a learning experience. Ask your followers what they need help with.
  5. Use the Paragraph Sub Headlines.
  6. Title is Important.  Use keyword tools, search Amazon Popular Books, or Quora.
  7. Keep your blog info in the same realm as your niche.
  8. Numbered Lists – Especially Top _______   Lists.
  9. SEO is important but don't always have to follow what everyone says – be unique.
  10. Always be thinking of questions you want to learn and write about your posts.
  11. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator, Google Research, Headline Anaylzer, Hemmingway App and more.


What are some of your best ideas for website content?


Blogging Checklist We Use

10 Tips Blog Checklist

Checklist to Keep Your Blog In Shape

  1. Have A Clear Header    Keep the Header Simple. This is the first thing visitors to your blog will see.

  2. Have a Clear Navigation menu with Multiple Categories – Make it simple make it so there about 5 items.

  3. Easy to Read Blog Post and Title – Do not center your text.

  4. Sidebar image of something – possibly you or something coincides with your blog.

  5. Must have an ABOUT Page. Add something unique about you.  Also, link to something important to share.

  6. Contact Us Page.  Make it easy. Some easy free plug ins for this.

  7. Follow Links that are super easy to follow you.

  8. Keep Pictures all the same width.

  9. Content Posts Consistently.

  10. Share Posts on Social Media. Pin It.

    Blog Checklist for a Great Blog