Systems – 3 Systems that Every Business Should Have In Their First Year

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They say that you should have systems in your business just when you begin and they will make a profound difference in your efficiency. We all have our strengths and weaknesses – but there is always room for new ideas and advice from others that could help with your systems. So – why do we have systems? To save time, energy and money.

The following systems – once in place should make your business operate smoother.

Systems in Place?
  1. Communication Systems
  2. Sales Systems
  3. Bookkeeping Systems

Communication Systems – Obtaining and finding customers in an organized way is really the most necessary when starting your business. As you probably know – social media contacts/friends/followers are not going to be solid contacts. If and when your favorite social media programs change policies, fail, do something different … you could lose access to all those followers you cultivated.

The key to capturing fans and customers when your business is in start up mode is to have a COMMUNICATION SYSTEM. Having an email service set us such as Mailchimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, & Infusion Soft are made with an easy application to set up email capturing, growing your list, and keeping up communication with your list. Most of the email platforms – especially the ones listed above work well with other systems that will further streamline your business.

SALES SYSTEMS Now that you have gathered emails and have prospects to talk to it is time to sell to them.. Having a Sales System makes this easier. Having Products such as Infusionsoft or LeadPages which can help make sales pages, creating funnels, and other sales material simple. The Programs – Infusionsoft, LeadPages and more generally integrate well with existing email platforms and shopping carts. Best to have a Sales System within the first year cuz it helps to build your brand and your credibility. Like they say – ‘The Money is in the List'.

BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM – Considering that your business is small and just starting – having a bookkepping system is important. Saving and storing your receipts in a box is an old school way to prepare for taxes. Make a system that will track and store your sales and expenses. Cellphones have apps for keeping track of miles. Scanners on your phone will store and categorize your receipts. My favorite APP for Scanning is GeniusScan and it is free. It is so easy to take a pic, email and even Catorgorizes your items.

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