SEO Strategy for your Website – Formulating a Strategy – Written Goals

Once you set up SEO and optimize for Google the rest of the work will show up too.

  1. Set a SEO Goal ~ What do you want to accomplish? Make a plan as to how much Search Engine Traffic you want from your content … weekly..monthly… and the quarter. Write it down – even daily. Make a plan as to how much content you need to publish on your site to reach your goal.
  2. Plan Your Topics ~ Make an Outline and/or List of Topics that you want to write about and come up with a Posting Schedule. Pinterest search box has a box where you can put in your subject matter and check out popular posts people are sharing on the subject you want to post.
  3. Plan A Publishing Schedule ~ Will it take me 15 minutes to put a post up for hours? If you have your outline and basic ideas already established – pick downtimes where you can ad the rest of your info, then photos, etc. Commit to it – Like I said “Write your goals down.”
  4. Keywords ~ Make a checklist of Keywords – keep them with you and ad to your outline. You can always change them, ad to them, tweak the keywords around. Plus – if you come up with another keyword – ad another post using that Keyword. You want keywords that rank that people are online line seeking.
  5. Monitor Your Rankings as You Publish ~Make a Google Spreadsheet using your Gmail account – check out your rankings on the spreadsheet. Use Incognito Web Browser once a week and check it out. Use Google Analytics and monitor your incoming traffic.
  6. Social Media Shares and Incoming Links ~ Every time you write a new post – share your content on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, your Email List, etc. The odds are = the more places your Content is the more natural links will be shared.
  7. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat ~ Like the old saying – RINSE & REPEAT…Keep on keeping on. Keep writing – first off you become a better writer, more content will attract different personalities. Keep sharing your New posts and your old post on social media. Content is King?

OVERALL – Re-evaluate your data, your posts and rest your goals and strategy. Is your SEO strategy accomplishing the goals you want? If not, rest and do something differently. Change things up —- write shorter posts, write longer posts, publish less frequently. Use different images in social media. Try making five new pinnable images each week. Keep learning (LOVE THIS) about SEO and learn new strategies constantly.