5 Tips For Fast Blog Content

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As much research as you can find about blogging these 5 tips are usually the same over and over again about the Main Tips You will need for writing content to your blog.

  1. Know your audience – What? Know who your audience is and why the heck are you writing. Put yourself in their shoes (Uggs, Birkenstock, Flipflops). Why would they read this. Why would they share this.
  2. Content – Not just any content – write stuff that sets you apart from others = you have to stand out — or just blah blah blah = boring. Start writing and the more you write the better you will become. (Believe me – procrastination will not get you started.) Type of Content: Write something that tells a story, surprises us good and/or bad, a journey, a unique point of view. Be informative – info someone would possibly not find somewhere else. Store ideas in Evernote, Ulysses, or Notes. Be Simple. Have a Great Headline.
  3. Plug Ins for sharing content such as SumoMe, Pinterest, Buffer, Hootsuite. Pinterest is #1 Social Media-Not Social Media for many blogs. Be a resource go to. By joining active FaceBook communities such as SayNoToVRBO by adding comments that people can learn from.Make sure the size on your social media is the correct size. You can resize with PicMonkey or Canva for free. Track your Social Media sites – set goals to increase them. The only way you can see if your goal is working is by having a tracking system. Add Twitter, Facebook Like, Instagram widget.
  4. Keep Your Visitors Captivated — How does it end???? Have an Opt In of Value. Keep in contact with your audience.
  5. Have Tools That Help other bloggers. Share what has helped you. Add a resource page on your blog and ad affiliate links. The areas that you are passionate about : Blogging, Hosting, Social Media, Healthy Eating, Exercise, Recipes, Making Money, Beauty, Teaching, endless ideas.
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