7 Top Secrets To Writing A Powerful Blog Post

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Content on your blog can make all the difference being visitors or just sitting.

From what I study – the more we write the better we become at writing,


just like practicing a language or a musical instrument.

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  1. Keep your Blog simple to read, clean with no confusing ads. When I see a blog with tons of Google Ads it is a total turn off. Blogs with immediate videos with loud music are also a turn off. Make sure your contact information is on your blog. Keep sidebar uncluttered. Have simple navigation and menu items. Have one main call to action on you page.
  2. Update your blog content – go through and re-evaulate your posts possibly monthly.
  3. Talk like you are explaining something to a friend – with an easy way of talk and not full of technical jargon that most won't understand.
  4. Have a file and ad to you Media file – photos that are relevant, clean, with clear graphics. Have a photo that is beautiful and pinnable for Pinterest so you will have more exposure with re-pins.
  5. Send your articles, blog posts to social media p Post Planner, or Triberr.com to your social media accounts.
  6. Tell your people who read your blog what steps to take next = Call to actions…What other ideas do you have for a Great Post? What are some of your Best Posts? Where did you research to get your Blog Posts Titles? What Content Formula do you use?
  7. Say something Controversial. When was the last time you did something for the first time? What have you done that you have never done before and it worked?!

Remember we only write and share about products or items that we have personally used.

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