11 Ways to Write Better Content for Your Blog

11 Content Tips for More Blog Content


  1. Include Photos or Videos.  Include different types of Multimedia, slideshows, or interesting items into posts.
  2. Follow other Blogs and get ideas from them. Copyblogger,BlogBossBabe , Billionaire Blog Club, and more.
  3. Keep the Page clean by writing in Short 2 sentence Paragraphs. Keep open spaces between paragraphs.
  4. Truth is More Interesting than Fiction – Life situations are such a learning experience. Ask your followers what they need help with.
  5. Use the Paragraph Sub Headlines.
  6. Title is Important.  Use keyword tools, search Amazon Popular Books, or Quora.
  7. Keep your blog info in the same realm as your niche.
  8. Numbered Lists – Especially Top _______   Lists.
  9. SEO is important but don't always have to follow what everyone says – be unique.
  10. Always be thinking of questions you want to learn and write about your posts.
  11. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator, Google Research, Headline Anaylzer, Hemmingway App and more.


What are some of your best ideas for website content?