Blogging Checklist We Use

10 Tips Blog Checklist

Checklist to Keep Your Blog In Shape

  1. Have A Clear Header    Keep the Header Simple. This is the first thing visitors to your blog will see.

  2. Have a Clear Navigation menu with Multiple Categories – Make it simple make it so there about 5 items.

  3. Easy to Read Blog Post and Title – Do not center your text.

  4. Sidebar image of something – possibly you or something coincides with your blog.

  5. Must have an ABOUT Page. Add something unique about you.  Also, link to something important to share.

  6. Contact Us Page.  Make it easy. Some easy free plug ins for this.

  7. Follow Links that are super easy to follow you.

  8. Keep Pictures all the same width.

  9. Content Posts Consistently.

  10. Share Posts on Social Media. Pin It.

    Blog Checklist for a Great Blog